ikhwah,here's a quick i'tikaaf overview.
i'tikaaf is to seclude oneself in the masjid for the purpose of worshipping ALLAH.rasul S.A.W. did it in ramadan for the last 10 nights.here are 5 quick tips:
1.i'tikaaf is,by definition,to be performed in the masjid.
2.leaving the masjid breaks one's i'tikaaf.
3.don't talk@entertain yourself.i'tikaaf is meant for worship.
4.you can do i'tikaaf for any period of time,any time of the day.
5.in a year,when else will you dedicate time for ALLAH like this?try it.
bonus:if you can't do it everyday,try weekends or at least some days.
with best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
[muhammad alshareef www.postramadan.com]

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